Jul 06 2015

Home learning- roughly how much will the holiday cost?

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Today you have been asked to complete a very important task! Teachers are starting to think about holidays and how much they might have to pay to go to their special destination! 
You have been asked to send Miss Woodward, Mrs Harris, Mr Gill and yourself to a holiday destination of your choice! You have to take into consideration the journey to and from home, food, car hire, spending money and any extras we might need along the way! 

At home it would be great if you could toughly price up how much the holiday is going to cost… This will help you create your interactive poster that will be displayed in the corridors and be judged on which destination looks the best! 

Tomorrow you will be gathering lots of pictures related to your chosen venue! 

Good Luck : remember presentation is key! 


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One Response to “Home learning- roughly how much will the holiday cost?”

  1.   Fopeon 07 Jul 2015 at 7:42 pm

    I’m going Al together it is 3246.51 pounds! 428 for tbe train from London to Paris. Over 2000 pounds for the two hotels 75 pounds spending money and ect.
    In my holiday trip we are staying in the city for one week (to explore things like the eifell tower) and one week one the beach. We are leaving 8th of August at 16:22 and the euro star train will get there in 4hrs and leave 22nd of August at 13:31.


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