Jun 19 2015

Rounders by Olivia.

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On Tuesday 16th June we whent to rounders at horizon secondary school. We walked it and I had lost my socks and I had Nike shoes on so my feet was hurting but I still whent, half way there my shoes was rubbing  me .  When we got there I took my shoes off and my feet was burning. I put my shoes on becouse we was on next. The team we was playing against was always slogging the ball so they got rounders . When it was my turn to bat I kept skinning the ball and got half a rounder. The outher  team won at the end . When it was are turn to play agen after a hour I still cept skinning the ball but I only got a cupple of half  a rounders. On the way back my feet was killing me and when I got back I had blisters but I’m still alive.😉

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